The ladies are in.

I won’t start a debate on whether global warming exists or not, all I know is that the weather’s off. It’s hot and cold and unpredictable,  but that being said, this is England. Assignment deadlines and general university related issues have kept me locked down. But with the lovely weather last week, I had to break […]

Overzealous much?

Someone said that growing too early is a big no no. That same person also said that a south-facing windowsill is optimal for growth. That person was wrong. At least that’s what I’m going to tell ‘them’ when my super-optimal-early-sowing-spectacular is a success.  I can’t rely on the seed packets to tell me when to sow, […]


I started this blog with so much gusto, set out agendas and ideas of what I wanted to fill it with. I even badgered a few people to get their own. But in the end I did what everyone who has ever had a blog has done. I abandoned it. My poor baby has now been […]

new camera

The snows gone and now we’re in for the wet one. On the one side I would say I missed the picturesque softness that it gave East London, for a while. On the other I say, ‘shucks to you frosty, move on up so I can get a-planting’. Either way, I have a brand spanking […]