Make mine a … Thai Omelette

Ever since I started my youtube blog, I must admit that I’ve somewhat neglected my writing. I’m not any good at vlogging. Its a frustrating but nonetheless inspiring conclusion. Will I give up? Hecks no. How can I? I’m learning so much. There are tons of things, that I’m just learning how to control. Lighting, sound and […]

Throwback Thursday….

It’s definitely Thursday somewhere in the world. Aha! I knew it. As I write this, I can confirm (ladies and gentlemen of the jury), that it is 6pm on Thursday…in London. The whole time zone situation has been explained to me, over and over again, but it doesn’t mean I actually get it. This was life […]


Who doesn’t love fudge? Well to those non-believers, I say you just haven’t tried the true fudge. The true-true (Cloud Atlas anyone?) In fudge we trust. Can I get an ‘A-fudge’? So by now, you’re probably rolling your eyes, because clearly all I am doing is putting fudge in front of words. I’ll stop. I’ve ran out of […]

On…Pad Thai

I will be healthy. I will stay healthy. Not that I have ever lived slovenly. Its just very hard here to stick to any type of regimen. Bangkok is a food lovers paradise! And though legend has it that you can get sick of eating Thai food. There are countless others just waiting in the wings (yumm crispy chicken wings), […]

There’s hope for us all…

I’ve often been accused of being the ‘blind optimist’. And what is wrong with that exactly?…. Seriously though, what is so wrong with trying to push through sad situations? Isn’t everybody entitled to feel how they want? And since you are… Why would anyone choose to be miserable? Just like you choose to wear a certain […]