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A far cry from waiting on the tube. A world away from ‘minding the closing doors’. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, Zipporah Goetze owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on Images may not be used or reproduced without consent.

Don’t try and fool me with fish

In England cod reigns supreme. Deep fried and battered.  Yet, with the decline of both cod and the local fish’n’chip shop, you could be fooled to thinking otherwise. I used to work at, what can only be described as, an over-glorified fish and chip restaurant, in the heart of London. I was a receptionist-slash-waitress-slash-verbal-punching-bag for management. It’s […]

“Hunger Games”

I don’t know what possessed me to check, but now that I know it cannot be undone. To put it simply, this: Is the enemy. All these years, what a fool I have been. Before I went to see the Hunger Games: Mockingjay, a movie that I can only describe as  cripplingly melodramatic, I decided to check […]

On…Pad Thai

I will be healthy. I will stay healthy. Not that I have ever lived slovenly. Its just very hard here to stick to any type of regimen. Bangkok is a food lovers paradise! And though legend has it that you can get sick of eating Thai food. There are countless others just waiting in the wings (yumm crispy chicken wings), […]