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C is for… Chili

Some days I want to pack in all in, and get on the first flight back to London. I’m loath to admit it, but I am still that very same petulant teenager that used to sew buttons and badges onto her blazer, in protest of the over-strict (and to this day foolish) uniforms policy. I […]

Make mine a … Thai Omelette

Ever since I started my youtube blog, I must admit that I’ve somewhat neglected my writing. I’m not any good at vlogging. Its a frustrating but nonetheless inspiring conclusion. Will I give up? Hecks no. How can I? I’m learning so much. There are tons of things, that I’m just learning how to control. Lighting, sound and […]


Who doesn’t love fudge? Well to those non-believers, I say you just haven’t tried the true fudge. The true-true (Cloud Atlas anyone?) In fudge we trust. Can I get an ‘A-fudge’? So by now, you’re probably rolling your eyes, because clearly all I am doing is putting fudge in front of words. I’ll stop. I’ve ran out of […]