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The Truth About Freelancing | Shedoesliving

· What I Wish Someone Had Told Me ·

The Truth About Freelancing. Freelancing is the dream, isn’t it? The basic idea is: you get to travel the world, work on your time, mix’n’match assignments, and be your own boss. Companies get a revolving pool of nomadic experts, complete with fresh new ideas, but without the hassle or commitment of a full-time employee. Everybody […]

Why cook or bake?

As a child I loved museums. For one, they were free! As cities go, London is one of the best in the world for its eclectic cultural scene, but cheap it isn’t. You could go there and marvel at humanity’s achievements. I’d go to ogle at the hand-crafted chairs, featured in the likes of the British […]

There’s hope for us all…

I’ve often been accused of being the ‘blind optimist’. And what is wrong with that exactly?…. Seriously though, what is so wrong with trying to push through sad situations? Isn’t everybody entitled to feel how they want? And since you are… Why would anyone choose to be miserable? Just like you choose to wear a certain […]