My First Delishop Delivery

April 1, 2016 0 Comments

Not All Delivery Services Are Created The Same

Back home in London I was addicted to having everything done by online purchase and delivery.
It got to the point where I barely left the house.
After-all, I had graze for snacks, Ocado for the posh stuff, Tesco/Sainsbury’s for the staples, Asos for clothes… you see I wasn’t kidding when I said I was addicted?

But the truth is these past two years, I’ve more or less shied away from them.
Bangkok’s endless restaurants, countless markets and conveyor belt of malls, seems to have cured me of my addiction.

Till now.

I had tried one delivery by a well known company (who I shall not mention for fear of being scolded), and all I will say is that – it wasn’t good. Bad experiences can really mar it for the rest.
We’ve all been there.
The stray rotten grape, the missed bottle of fabric conditioner that means laundry day is pushed up a week or so.
If you can’t trust that they’ll bring the right items, on time, then what’s the use?


My friends have been raving on about them and given as how I’ve been so ravenously busy over the last two months, I really didn’t have that much to lose.
Browsing through their site, I was shocked to see how many of the imports (that I’d sorely missed) were on offer.
They have everything that a posh lil nob from Stoke Newington can ever need. Chevre as far as the eye can see, French Cidre etc. You name it they have it, it’s a veritable chevre heaven to anyone who’s been deprived of the ‘good stuff’ as long as I have.

So the day came and my package was delivered by motorbike. Here’s how it came:

Delishop bag

So far so good…

I’m all about health conscious delivery, but unfortunately that hasn’t quite caught on yet here in the land of smiles, so imagine my surprise when I realised that this giant recyclable (and reusable bag) was all that stood between me and my poncy imported provender?


Free Tea from

I defy anyone to say no to free lemongrass tea?


Free Tea from






The prices are reasonable, the selection varied, and the delivery process was fantastic. Price wise they’re a bit on the steep side, but that’s in comparison to the shockingly low Thai produce available at Villa/Big C.
I managed to snag some really tasty taters for my fussy German, who’d been harping on for weeks about how hard they were to track down.
So if you’re like me – homesick – I would recommend you try them.

I can definitely see myself using Delishop again.