I blame the snow.
The weather in the UK is refusing to give me even a smidgen of blogging inspiration. I look out the window and just want to get back in bed. Its springtime blues I tell you.

This time last year. I had radishes, I had super early peas and tasty winter leaves.
Now I have, lots of leggy seedling bursting through their seed trays, taunting me daily, begging to be set free. The gamble paid off I might say, because although they’re early, they’re alive. I can’t imagine starting anything outside in this weather.
I love the snow, but its spring.
So be gone. 

The chickens. My chooks, the reason I get up at 6am on the dot. The apple of my self-sustaining fantasy.
Are mental.
I got my first egg from Sarah-Jane (black tail). However now she has decided that I will pay for the pain of childbirth and has started making a noise that I can only describe as whiteboard meets white-noise. Its not so loud as to disturb my partially deaf neighbor, who needs the tv on so loud I feel as I’m living with him, but when I am out in the garden attempting a ‘clear up’. It frightens me.

I thought chickens where supposed to be quite(r). Maybe I should have gotten ducks  instead?