for the rain

The snows gone and now we’re in for the wet one. On the one side I would say I missed the picturesque softness that it gave East London, for a while. On the other I say, ‘shucks to you frosty, move on up so I can get a-planting’.
Either way, I have a brand spanking new digital slr and besides the basics I have no idea how to use it. I figured once I got one, me and it would mindmeld and I would know all of its secrets within. It didn’t. The manuals great, but I don’t do manuals. I’m a live on the edge kind of girl. Here’s my photo… (see above) Through the tried and tested age old method of ‘cock-up to grow-up’ (pardon my french). I will succeed!

みましょうがんばります[let’s work hard]

Oooo and I discovered this:
She’s really good in a ‘i’m envious’ kind of way. But that being said, check it out! You won’t regret it

February 11, 2013