Oh Flakey One, Wherefore Art Thou?

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[Cue somber music] [Enter Zipporah with longer hair.  Hanging head] I’m back? I think? I guess I am? Oh, go on then… Not like the other time that I briefly poked my head out of the proverbial stupour that is student life, or the time before that and got sick. This is Zipporah Gene 2.0. I’m […]

My First Delishop Delivery

Not All Delivery Services Are Created The Same Back home in London I was addicted to having everything done by online purchase and delivery. It got to the point where I barely left the house. After-all, I had graze for snacks, Ocado for the posh stuff, Tesco/Sainsbury’s for the staples, Asos for clothes… you see […]